how to use onstream app

How to use the Onstream App on Android?

Onstream is an incredible streaming app. It is like a treasure of new and trending movies and web series. Here, you can stream all kinds of movies e.g. Action, Adventure, Romance, Thiller, Comedy and Drama etc. With It’s user-friendly interface, you have the freedom to stream unlimited movies for absolutely free. The menu options are well organized allowing you to navigate smoothly. It is not an option but a massive streaming universe.So, enhance your entertainment without hesitation or spending money with this incredible apk.

Let’s start discovering that how this cool app works. Don’t worry! It’s simpler than rocket science. Once you’ve reviewed this comprehensive guide, you can navigate the app with expertise. You’ll feel so comfortable that no one would guess it’s your first use.

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To start with, First, Access permission from unknown sources in your mobile settings, then go to your Windows browser, Open a new tab, Type “” in the search bar, and hit the enter button. In a few seconds, you will be landed on the homepage of Onstream’s official website. Download the latest version of the app. After that, double-tap on it to install the app on your Android device.

When you launch the app successfully on you Android phone. Slightly tap on the app icon to begin. When you do so, the app will be open, and in a few seconds, you will land on the app homepage of the app.

On the app’s homepage, it will ask you to create an account. Well, you can use it without creating any account. For this, choose the “skip” option given at last. You can create an account later whenever you want. But if you want to create an account, provide some necessary details, and your account will be created in a minute or two. After that, a slider with new and trending movies and web series 2024 appears at the top. You can also select your favorite films from here and start streaming.

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Now, at the bottom of the homepage, there will be a menu that contains different titles like Movies, series, TV shows, and More. If you want to go to the movies or web series section, tap on the MOVIE title at the bottom menu. You can also list your movies as favorites. These will shown in the “Watch list” section.

Now it’s time to stream. Select the movie you want to watch. After selecting the movie, tap on it. After a while, you will see an option for “Watch” and “Download.” If you want to watch a movie, press the “Watch button,” choose any video player from the given, and start your streaming journey with onstream.


In this streaming application, you have the incredible ability to customize your video to suit your preferences. You can adjust the video quality, audio settings, subtitles, and other elements effortlessly. These features elevate your streaming experience to levels beyond imagination.

If you don’t remember the movie name don’t get frustrated because the app never let you down. You can filter the movie by tapping the “filter” button on the top right corner in the movies section. Here, you can select movies by their Types, Quality, Genres, Countries, and movie dates.

If you want to watch movies offline, don’t be sad because it allows you to download your favorite movies for offline watching. It means you can download your favorite movie in a second. Just choose the film or web series, select subtitles and movie resolution, and hit the “Download” button. Boom! Your film will downloaded in a few minutes.

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To conclude, I must say that this APK is the best app for fast streaming because it provides a simple, user-friendly interface. You can swiftly use this app without any difficulty. On the other hand, the competitors of this app are not providing such a smooth interference. Not only streaming but also downloading movies is now possible. You can download the movie and watch it anytime with just one click now if you are looking for an app that lets you stream thousands of movies and web series for free. Then, Onstream will be an excellent choice for this task.

Downloading movies from the onstream app is simple. First, you must pick a movie, select a video player and subtitle language, and then just hit the download button. Boom! Your film will be downloaded and appear in your gallery soon.

Well! it doesn’t happen, but sometimes it is caused by the following factors.

1- Unstable internet connection
2- App become Outdated (Check for updates)
3- Temporary glitches
The simplest way to deal with these problems is to close the app for a while and then re-open it.

Open the app and navigate to the movie section from the bottom menu. Now, you will see the “Filters” option at the top right corner. Go and add filters according to your preference.

Yes! You can download your favorite stuff from the onstream app. Pick the movie you want to download, Adjust the subtitle and video quality, and then hit the “Download” button. Boom! In a few minutes, your film will be downloaded. You can even close the app during downloading because the onstream app completes your download in the background.

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